Guilty by Confection

  Guilty by Confection

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"Creamy Mouthwatering Fudge

Made The Old Fashioned Way

From full cream NZ Dairy Products  comes a Fudge

reminiscent of Yesteryear."



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Ann  &  Larry   Johnstone have been making Old Style Fudge since 1992. starting on their Dairy Farm in Northland "New Zealand Fudge Farm,They sold the business in 2005  and now are called  "Guilty by Confection". They not only make "Great Tasting Fudge" but also make  A full range of  Fudge -based Truffles , Rocky Road, Peanut Brittle, Jams, Chutneys and  gluten free  delight bites. Whether it is  a gift or for your own pleasure ,we will provide quality NZ made product. Email Ann direct if you want a pack made up specific to your needs with product and packaging. We are moving back to Whangarei to

make products on our new Farm but need time to set up. So  will be back up for business closer to Christmas  hopefully

Jams, Chutneys,Jellies and more.. all made by Guilty

Cappucinno Cups

A range of Gift  Packaging Alternatives


and  Chocolate Luxury Cups

Using our Fudge as a Base

we produce these Moorish truffles.

Salted Caramel Cup

Cre'me Brulee Cups